TEEN OF THE WEEK: 'This kid has a lot of depth'
-Sean Patrick Norris | May 15th, 2009

" [...] while Nathaniel Hunt brings clarity and poignancy to the delicately balanced solo “I Wanna Be Ready.”

"Being able to travel to different places both internationally and domestically and share what I love doing is a dream come true.

-Nathaniel Hunt 

"That giving-back feeling, that's what does it for me, especially here in Glen Burnie," Hunt said. 

“I would like them to know they have something special and that something never needs to be proven, never needs to be judged,” Hunt said.

"[Nathaniel] has not only proven his ability as a dancer and quick learner, but as a mentor for all our students, especially those aspiring to be professionals themselves."

"I think I've stumbled upon a prodigy here," said Rosso.

" [...] the 19-year-old has found the Campus’ Dance Department to be a perfect fit."


"Lithe and limber, Courtney Celeste, Jacoby Pruitt and Nathaniel Hunt were standouts."

"In the duet performed by Nathaniel Hunt and Annellyse Munroe the partnering reached beyond convention to produce sculptural symmetry. "

" [...] Munroe and Nathaniel Hunt shine especially bright in the romantic Desperado opening sequence."


Nathaniel Hunt inspires and thrills
-Krik Shannon-Butts 

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"GBMNews is honored to have Kirk Shannon-Butts present a informative and fun conversation with Mr. Hunt where he shares is lifelong interest in dance."