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"Nate is such a nurturing instructor, and he is one of the most efficient instructors I've had at the college."

- Lynda Fitzgerald, Anne Arundel Community College Coordinator, Performing Arts - Dance Emeritus

class description


Nathaniel’s classes focus on the awareness, quality, and growth of one's movement and artistic voice. He guides dancers to access ease and fluidity focusing on spinal manipulation, extremity articulation, core engagement, and shifting of weight.


Nathaniel utilizes classical vocabulary, descriptive imagery, and physical touch as avenues to emphasize correct anatomical alignment to ensure safety and longevity. Thus, at the beginning of every class dancers are asked for their consent to physical touch to respect any and all personal boundaries of the dancers. 


He uses levity and humor to elicit community, connection, and joy from the dancers as their bodies are pushed physically throughout the class. 


Dancers should expect a well-balanced and satiating warm-up, fluid and technical phrase work, and an emotionally-safe space to lavish in creatively, combined with energetic and vocal support from Nathaniel.


*Nathaniel specializes in teaching contemporary, jazz, Horton-based modern, ballet, and floorwork.*


Anne Arundel Community College

Lynda Fitzgerald
Anne Arundel Community College
Coordinator, Performing Arts-Dance Emeritus

"My students got so much out of the whole experience, and Nate was with them every step of the way. He has a way with the students that instantly put them at ease, and his encouragement just fueled

them to work harder. Nate is incredibly personable, mature, well-spoken, and respectful. He is "the real deal" in that he's genuinely sweet and considerate."

Santa Fe College

Alora Haynes
Santa Fe College
Chair / Fine Arts


"Nathaniel Hunt is a successful dance artist/educator, who is trained both professionally and academically to give students all that he can from a diverse background in Dance. This level of quality and integrity instruction is measured by the success of the students that he works with. All of Nathaniel's students hold him in high regard. He has created challenging and innovative class work and choreography for our students each time he has been in residence with us. He is well-liked and effective, as proven by student feedback as well as the audience feedback of his choreography."

Arts N Motion Dance Studio

Melissa Hathaway
Arts N' Motion Dance Studio


“[Nathaniel] possesses all of the necessary skills required in working with dancers of all ages, whether a recreational or serious student, including effective communication skills, age-appropriate material and a fun, energetic and caring personality. Nathaniel strives to help each individual dancer reach their fullest potential during class and he guides them with inspiring feedback and a true passion for the art of dance.”

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Header photo by Andrew Weeks, curtesy of PARA.MAR Dance Theater
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