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"Every work our company has commissioned from Nathaniel has become a fast favorite of the dance artists, directors and audiences alike."

- Hallie Hunt, Adaptations Dance Theater, Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director 

"My process begins in a space that is supportive, interactive, respectful, and inviting. My works revolve around honest human emotions and experiences. The dancers have a huge impact on my creative process, from their physical capabilities to their emotional investment. I witness human beings digging deeper within their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional selves as they are moving their bodies in magical ways. I seek to highlight their strengths and challenge them to push past their personal limitations, to reach the brink of impossibilities.


I direct with different modalities to provoke vulnerability and encourage dancers to relish within their insecurities, to explore deeper within a process. I encourage each dancer to contribute their unique self, style, emotions, and imagination. 

My choreography is never what I initially envision. It is ever-changing and ever-evolving just like life - that is such a beautiful thing. The chemistry and personal relationships of those I work with are imperative to what a piece becomes for dance is and will always be about community."

Nathaniel Hunt


Adaptations Dance Theater

Hallie Hunt
Adaptations Dance Theater
Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director


"Nathaniel is a choreographer who understands the great responsibility of leading dance artists through a choreographic process. Guiding the work forward with confidence and grace he simultaneously challenges and supports those around him, bringing forth their individuality and progressing the work forward at a rapid and thrilling pace. What results is dance work that is built with the group in mind. 

You find yourself closer to your co-dancers with integrated respect for each other and a deep love of the work. 

Nathaniel’s choice of movements create sweeping and musical visions that support a greater narrative that is perfectly abstract. This allows the viewer to fathom their own interpretation during the performance. The audience feels welcomed into the dance, supported by Nathaniel’s kindness and community driven qualities."


Kelly Knox
Bucknell University
Director of Dance, Associate Professor


"From the sophisticated sound collages he himself creates to the intrinsic concepts of light and costume for the realization of the dance, Mr. Hunt envisions choreography holistically. Nate is highly deliberate and skilled in designing every aspect of these physical landscapes. Although the choreographic themes in his works are thoroughly developed, the choreography allows for multiplicity in interpretation.


He is never literal or declarative but instead his works embrace complexity, warranting a sense of wonder and further questioning.In a matter of days, he is capable of creating an engaging work and having a meaningful impact on aspiring dancers. I see him making important contributions to dance and dance education in the years to come."

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