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Rehearsal footage
curtesy of Ken Harrifold, Zui Gomez, and Brooke Kuhl

Choreographer's Note


My process begins in a space that is supportive, interactive, respectful, and inviting. My works revolve around honest human emotions and experiences. The dancers have a huge impact on my creative process, from their physical capabilities to their emotional investment. I witness human beings digging deeper within their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional selves as they are moving their bodies in supernatural ways. I seek to highlight their strengths and challenge them to push past their personal limitations, to reach the brink of impossibilities.


I direct with different modalities to provoke vulnerability and encourage dancers to relish within their insecurities, to explore deeper within a process. I encourage each dancer to contribute their unique self, style, emotions, and imagination. Prevalent schematic themes that are congruent between works include gesture, repetition, and improvisation.

Things are never what I initially envision, they are ever-changing and ever-evolving. That is a beautiful thing. The chemistry and personal relationships of those I work with are imperative to what a piece morphs into. I encourage themes to be exploited and to continuously innovate!

"(Re)Union by The Nathaniel Hunt Project - May 24/25, 2019

(Re)Union is the annual New York Performance presented by The Nathaniel Hunt Project. It is a collection of communities into one moment. (Re)Union will showcase dance artists of a variety of backgrounds, ages, and abilities. It will feature Established Guest Artists that will share their incredible talents of performing or choreography 


(Re)Union will feature TNHP's Artistic Director's latest creation “the others” originally choreographed in the summer of 2018 for Adaptations Dance Theater in Maui, HI. Along with a brand new cast of extraordinary dancers, TNHP is excited to share this very special piece with a New York audience.


*Guest Artists/Choreographers include Rachel M. Hettinger, Taylor Hollingsworth, Alex Schmidt & Jess Eckardt, Carlos Franquiz,   Clifton Brown, DeAndre Cousley, and Nathaniel Hunt.*

REUNION Poster.jpg

I would like to personally thank my amazing parents, my beautiful family, and my dear friends for all of your love and support; all the dancers for your dedication and hard work, all the guest choreographers and guest performers, thank you for sharing your time, art, and energy with us; my incredible crew: Liz, Chelsea, Emily, Zui, and Alexis, you ladies made this evening possible; and to Long Island University - Brooklyn Dance Dept., Jana Prager, and everyone at MMAC, thank you for all your services.

My gratitude is indescribable.


-Nathaniel Hunt


"An Evening of Work with Nathaniel Hunt" - April 18th, 2018

       Up-and-coming choreographer, Nathaniel Hunt shares a culminating program from a collective of communities, unified in this evening to perform his works. A diverse repertoire welcomes you into a personal lens of  raw and honest entries, from Nathaniel’s diary transformed into movement. “Experiences may be different but feelings are the same.” Follow Nathaniel’s footprint through an exploration of moments, some personal insecurities, his reaction to the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub, recurring feelings of rejection, and a physical representation of what meditation means to him. These works share congruent themes of vulnerability, struggle balancing strength, and connectivity. This compilation is only the first series among what is sure to become a lifetime of accumulated entries, to transcend audiences on an invigorating journey.
*Guest appearances by dancers of Company XIV, Parsons Dance, Sean Curran Company, and previous members of Ailey II

“As days turn into nights and life goes on, I learn more about myself from the time that has passed. I am fortunate that the following of dancers who want to work with me has grown tremendously since my very first choreographed work of my professional career. I owe a lot of who I am to the people who have been in my processes. Their passion, vulnerability, strength, technique, physicality, and fearlessness has challenged me in more ways than I could ever imagine. They push me to create something deeper and richer. So to all of those collaborators, I send a huge "thank you" to you all.”

                         -Nathaniel Hunt

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